5-Year-Old With Autism Paints Stunning Masterpieces 

utism is a poorly-understood neurological disorder that can impair an individual’s ability to engage in various social interactions. But little 5-year-old Iris Grace in the UK is an excellent example of the unexpected gifts that autism can also grant – her exceptional focus and attention to detail have helped her create incredibly beautiful paintings that many of her fans (and buyers) have likened to Monet’s works.

Little Iris is slowly learning to speak, whereas most children have already begun to speak at least a few words by age 2. Along with speech therapy, her parents gradually introduced her to painting, which is when they discovered her amazing talent.

“We have been encouraging Iris to paint to help with speech therapy, joint attention and turn taking,” her mother, Arabella Carter-Johnson, explains on her website. “Then we realised that she is actually really talented and has an incredible concentration span of around 2 hours each time she paints. Her autism has created a style of painting which I have never seen in a child of her age, she has an understanding of colours and how they interact with each other.”


“Oh, Harry, don’t you see?” Hermione breathed. “If she could have done one thing to make absolutely sure that every single person in this school will read your interview, it was banning it!” 
- ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix’, Pg. 513


Jenny Saville 

This is just the most beautiful stuff.


Jenny Saville 

This is just the most beautiful stuff.

So, I made a madly delicious breakfast smoothie.

And I wanted to share with y’all the recipe:

  • 1 banana
  • a bunch of blueberries
  • a bit of chopped cucumber
  • small handful of kale
  • one egg
  • spoonful of tahini
  • spoonful of ground flaxseed
  • drizzle of honey (or as much as you like)

Top it up with water and blend that business. If it ends up a strange shade of purple you’ve done it right.


Self Project, Drawing B

Part of the product of my self-portrait images for the assessment item. These are watercolour splodges of my face from memory.

Real poor quality images of where my new drawings are going.

It’s a good change of direction, I’m certain.


Progress from one of the panels.

Work in progress slowly coming together.

You are a little soul carrying around a corpse.
— Epictetus (via larmoyante)



opinions on abortions are kinda like nipples

everyone has them but women’s are a little bit more relevant 

But all you ever see are men’s



talents include; being able to eat a whole meal whilst reading, slipping quotes into conversations without people realising, irrationally aggressive reactions and sleep.

You remind me of the person I wanted to be,
before I forgot.
— Wild Beasts - Palace